7 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Clearwater, FL (2023)

Moving to Clearwater, Florida? Make sure you know these seven things about life in Clearwater!

Famous for its sugar white sand and crystal clear waters on the gulf coast,Clear wateris a beautiful city in the Tampa Bay area of ​​Florida. Boasting frequently sunny weather, this coveted seaside city has been recognized as one of theThe best places to live in Floridaand is considered a great beach destination for families.

Located 27 miles fromtampaand 23 miles fromSt. Petersburg, Clearwater is part of Pinellas County. With a walkable downtown area, numerous waterfront parks, countless delicious restaurants, and plenty of outdoor activities, Clearwater is worth a visit and a move. From swimming and boating to fishing and kayaking, Clearwater Beach's three-mile barrier island is a sun-worshipper's paradise.

While moving to Clearwater can be exciting, it's important that you understand what life is like here. That's why our team hopes that with the help of this moving guide, your move to Clearwater will be easy and stress-free. Read on for the seven things you need to know before moving to Clearwater!

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Here are the seven things to know about living in Clearwater, FL!

cost of living

The cost of living in Clearwater is 2 percent below the national average. Considered one of the cheapest cities inFlorida, housing costs are 10% below the national average and utility prices are 0% below the national average. Meanwhile, transportation costs are 1% higher than the national average, while food prices are 7% higher than the national average. With an increase in regional prices of 1.1% compared to the previous year, the most significant price increases are found in food and housing.

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With a median household income of $50,355, an individual spends an estimated $2,291 per month, including rent, and a family of four spends about $5,033 per month, including rent. An excellent annual salary in Clearwater is $42,000 and an hourly wage of $20.19. For those visiting Clearwater on vacation, people should budget up to $241 per day. The average price of a hotel in Clearwater is $208 per night.

cost of living articleAverage price
median home price356.723 $
Average Income1.090 $
A loaf of bread3,72 $
gallon of milk$2,38
visit to the doctor112,37 $
visit to the vet53,73 $

data source ofLöhnskal.

more wet

Known for having a warm and temperate climate, Clearwater's summers are long, hot, and humid, while winters are short, cool, and windy. Clearwater experiences wet and rainy weather year-round and receives about 51 inches of rain, 13 inches more than the national rainfall average.

With an average of 240 days of sunshine per year, temperatures in Clearwater typically range from 55 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. It rarely drops below 44 degrees Fahrenheit or rises above 93 degrees Fahrenheit. The hottest month is July with an average summer high of 90 degrees and the coldest month is January with an average winter low of 52 degrees. The months of March, April and November are considered the most pleasant in terms of temperature and weather conditions.

Clearwater attracts many snowbirds to the area and receives zero inches of snow per year, which is below the United States average of 28 inches of snow per year. For those moving from a cold climate, winter jackets, snowshoes and other winter gear are not needed to live here.

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As part of theSchulbezirk Pinellas CountyThe seventh largest school district in Florida, Clearwater offers numerous educational opportunities. It ranks as one of the highest concentrations of top-tier public schools in Florida. There are a total of 31 public schools in Clearwater with a total of 16,105 students and 24 private schools with a total of 5,454 students. Some of the best schools in Clearwater are Plato Academy Charter School, Leila Davis Elementary School, Clearwater Fundamental Middle School, Countryside High School, and Clearwater High School.

For those seeking higher education opportunities, residents can commute to many highly ranked colleges and universities nearby. For example, the University of Tampa is 23 miles away and can be reached in 34 minutes by car. Known for its academic excellence, this private university offers more than 200 courses, including 22 master's degrees.

Check out these best colleges and universities near Clearwater, FL:

the university of tampaTampa, Florida$32,000 per year
St. Petersburg/Gibbs CampusSaint Petersburg, Florida$2,668 per year
Ecker CollegeSaint Petersburg, Florida$37,000 per year
University of South FloridaTampa, Florida$8,346 per year
University of FloridaTemple Terrace, Florida$21,000 a year
definitive medical academyClearwater, Florida$18,000 a year

employment opportunities

Clearwater has a strong economy that employs more than 53,000 people. Clearwater's main industries are health and social care, retail, and hospitality. The highest-paying sectors include public services, administration, and professional, scientific, and technical services. Clearwater's economy is growing and changing with a job market growth of 2.3% over the past year. Future job growth is projected to rise to 41.1% over the next decade, above the US average of 33.5%.

If you're moving to Clearwater for work, you won't be looking far. Whether you're looking to advance your career or explore new career opportunities, there are plenty of job opportunities, whether you're looking for a part-time or full-time position. Some of the best companies to work for in Clearwater include BayCare Health System, Lincare Holdings, Tech Data Corporation, The Moorings, Vela, Cash Management Solutions, and Apg Electric.


Clearwater Beach is consistently ranked as one of the best beaches in America for its dazzling emerald waters and sugar-white sand. Recognized as the heart of the city, this quiet beach is a refuge for bathers, kayakers, paddleboarders, jet skiers, parasailers, boaters and fishermen. Popular for its beautiful sunsets and home to Pier 60, Clearwater Beach is just steps from some of the area's best hotels and restaurants.

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With lifeguards on duty 365 days a year, this family-friendly beach is a must-see if you're moving to Clearwater or just visiting. Clearwater offers the perfect island getaway and offers plenty of opportunities for fun in the sun. Although Clearwater's beaches are open year-round, the best time to visit is between October and December due to low humidity and a lack of tourists.

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Visit these local favorite beaches in Clearwater, FL:

  • Clearwater-Strand: Best known for its soft white sand and crystal clear waters, this namesake beach is a must-visit for stand-up paddleboarders, parasailers, and motorcyclists due to its calm waters. Pier 60 is located here and is a popular place to watch the sunset.
  • sand key chain: This beautiful sandy beach has seasonal lifeguards and is a popular spot for kayakers and sunbathers. Endangered sea turtles are known to often lay eggs on the beach.
  • Caladesi Island State Park: This is one of the few virgin islands in the Gulf of Mexico, located north of Clearwater Beach. Accessible only by boat, this three-mile stretch of pristine beach has tons of large shells all around it.
  • Playa de Abu Seba- Drive to this easily accessible Clearwater beach, which often hosts public workouts and beach yoga classes.

things to do

While Clearwater is perhaps best known for its beaches, you don't need to spend many other activities in the sun near the ocean. With plenty of family-friendly activities, there are plenty of ways to make memories with loved ones that are worth paying for. Known as an active community, there are several parks to explore, retail stores to shop, and local sports teams to watch. Offering accessible and affordable options, Clearwater has no shortage of fun and unique things that all ages will enjoy.

Check out these popular things to do in Clearwater, FL:

  • Clearwater Marine Aquarium: This non-profit 501 organization and aquarium is home to rescued dolphins, sea turtles and other marine life. This is a must-see for the whole family to learn about marine conservation and restoration through education, research, rescue, and rehabilitation.
  • clear water drescher: The Clearwater Threshers are a minor league baseball team that plays at BayCare Ballpark with a maximum capacity of 8,500.
  • Moccasin Lake Nature Park: This 51-acre nature preserve is known for its quiet oak-lined trails, educational hikes, nature exhibits, and kids' campouts. Remember that dogs are not allowed.
  • mall landscape: Nine million shoppers visit this mall each year, home to five anchor stores, numerous restaurants, a major ice skating rink, and a Gulf Coast movie theater.
  • Captain Memos Piratenkreuzfahrt: Enjoy the panoramic views of Clearwater with the whole family on this 2-hour pirate adventure cruise. Purpose-built and built in 1993, this ship is fun for all ages and features a scavenger hunt, face painting, storytelling, dancing, and squirt gun games.
  • Stephens Cliff Park: This picturesque and serene park is a famous 44-acre oasis in Clearwater that is an ideal place for recreation. With paved paths used for biking, walking, running, and rollerblading, this park is one of the best places in the city for outdoor fun.
  • Ruth-Eckerd-Saal: Visit this performing arts center that offers top-notch educational and entertainment programs in the area. With 73,000 square feet of entertainment space, visitors can enjoy musical performances, arts education, and Broadway and comedy shows.

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Best known for its delicious seafood and unique southern cuisine, Clearwater is home to some of the best-known restaurants on the Gulf of Mexico coast in central Florida. With freshly caught seafood, fresh local produce and cold drinks accompanied by live entertainment and unparalleled views of the water, dining in Clearwater is an experience like no other. No matter what meal you're craving, there's always a creative new dish and world-class restaurant in Clearwater.

Dine at these highly-rated local favorites in Clearwater, FL:

  • Caretta am Golf: This upscale beachfront restaurant offers grab-and-go dining and serves New American cuisine. It is the only AAA Four Diamond restaurant in Clearwater.
  • Lago-Guini: This fine-dining restaurant at Opal Sands Resort is known for its Italian cuisine, seafood, and panoramic ocean views.
  • Frenchy's Rockaway Grill: Enjoy grouper sandwiches and seafood platters in a colorful and relaxed setting on the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Manages Himmel Cafe: Located at The Residences at Sandpearl in Clearwater, this delicious seafood cafe with live music serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Rumba Island Bar and Grill: This seafood restaurant is popular for its Jamaican recipes and delicious drink specials, with a tiki bar, live music, and a large outdoor patio.

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Advantages and disadvantages of living in Clearwater, Florida


  • affordable cost of living
  • delicious food scene
  • Warm weather
  • beautiful sunsets
  • excellent beaches
  • popular night life
  • Proximity to other cities.
  • Good education
  • Outdoor activities galore.


  • Possible pest infestation
  • Prone to severe weather and hurricanes
  • heavy traffic
  • lack of public transport

Moving to Clearwater, FL - Final Thoughts

Whether you're looking for a great place to retire or want to be close to the beach and its turquoise waters, Clearwater is a beautiful area filled with class and beauty. With an affordable cost of living and a high safety rating, it's no wonder so many people choose to call Clearwater, Florida home.

If you or someone you know ismoving to floridaand you are interested in making Clearwater, FL your home, be sure to do soContact Ushere so we can put you in touch with one of our real estate specialists and help you find yoursdream housein clear water.

Check out our other local guides for more information, includingMoving to Tampa, Diebest neighborhoods in tampa,Moving to Saint Petersburg, and thebest neighborhoods in Saint Petersburg.

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