Can you freeze peanut oil? How to store used peanut oil: eat healthy and fast (2023)

Can I Freeze Peanut Oil? You're probably wondering this now and that's how you ended up on this blog! Well, you are in the right place.

Knowing how to store your peanut oil properly is key to ensuring it lasts as long as possible, and whether you make your own peanut oil or buy it from a grocery store, we've got all the information you need.

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In this blog, we answer some questions you might have, including whether or not you can freeze peanut oil, how it is stored, whether or not you can reuse it, and much more! So keep reading to find out!

Can you freeze peanut oil? How to store used peanut oil: eat healthy and fast (1)
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  • 1 What is peanut oil?
  • 2 Can peanut oil spoil?
    • 2.1 Signs that peanut oil has gone bad
  • 3 Can you reuse peanut oil?
  • 4 Can you freeze peanut oil?
  • 5 Can you freeze used peanut oil?
  • 6 How to store peanut oil
    • 6.1 Pantry
    • 6.2 Refrigerator
    • 6.3 Freezer
  • 7 How to store used peanut oil
    • 7.1 Use a sieve
    • 7.2 Pour into a container
    • 7.3 Save
  • Freeze 8 peanut oil
    • 8.1 Closing in a container
    • 8.2 Place no freezer
    • 8.3 Alternatives?
  • 9 How long does peanut oil last?
  • 10 Conclusion

What is peanut oil?

Peanut oil is a popular vegetable oil in restaurants and homes because of its high smoke point. If you've ever heard of or seen peanut oil or peanut oil, they are the same as peanut oil. It is made by taking and using the edible seeds of a peanut plant.

You can find peanut oil in many forms, including gourmet peanut oil and cold-pressed peanut oil. However, the most popular cooking option is refined peanut oil, which is mostly used for high-heat to fry.

Interestingly, peanut oil is associated with several health benefits, including helping with constipation, joint pain, and heart disease. It is enriched with vitamin E, excellent for preventing skin problems such as wrinkles and blemishes.

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Can you freeze peanut oil? How to store used peanut oil: eat healthy and fast (2)

Can peanut oil spoil?

Peanut oil is very similar to other vegetable oils in terms of shelf life. It can spoil, but how long it lasts depends on how well it was stored and whether or not the oil was opened. You can store unopened peanut oil for about one to two years, depending on the quality of the oil. And if it is opened, the oil life is reduced to about six months to a year.

Checking the expiration date on the bottle is a good indicator of how long the oil will last, assuming you bought it instead of making it yourself.

How long you can store peanut oil ultimately depends on how well you store it. And we'll cover that later in this blog.

Signs that peanut oil has gone bad

There is a proven way to test peanut oil for spoilage: by smelling it. To do this, unscrew the cap and smell the oil. If it smells rancid, you know it's gone bad. Also note the “best before” date on the bottle.

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Of course, an oil's expiration date is usually not entirely accurate, as the oil's shelf life depends on how well you've stored it and whether or not you've opened it. It's also the date the manufacturer believes it's best, not the date it's doing poorly. But it's a good estimate.

You can also do the eye test. When the oil turns dark brown, this is a major sign that it has expired and you need to throw it away.

Can you reuse peanut oil?

Peanut oil is known to be a fantastic oil for deep frying as its smoke point is around 450 degrees Fahrenheit. That said, having to change the oil every time you want to fry something would be pretty inconvenient. And you don't have to worry about that with peanut oil.

You can reuse peanut oil a few times before it takes on the flavor of the food cooked in it. It can also start to produce a rancid taste if used too often.

On average, you should use the same oil four times before replacing it.

Can you freeze peanut oil?

Can you freeze spot oil is perhaps the biggest answer you want to know. And the short answer is yes, you can store peanut oil in the freezer. However, it is generally only recommended if you have the vegetable oil in bulk and want to maximize its shelf life.

People have noticed that when peanut oil is kept in the freezer for a long time, the taste of the oil changes a little. Many types of peanut oil have a nutty flavor, but this can change if it spends too much time in the freezer.

Also, it can be more inconvenient to use peanut oil if you keep it frozen because of the time it takes to thaw. You can set it at room temperature and let it warm up naturally. You can also put it in the microwave or on the stove to warm it up.

So keep that in mind if you decide to throw your peanut oil in the freezer.

Can you freeze used peanut oil?

Whether peanut oil is used or not, it can also be frozen. Just be sure to tighten the lid tightly and know the ins and outs of freezing that we covered in the section above.

How to store peanut oil

When asked how to store used peanut oil, you'll be pleased to know that there are several options. First, always make sure you tighten the cap tightly to ensure it's secure. If you don't do this, you run the risk of the oil spoiling faster or having its flavor mixed with another product or nearby food.

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Then choose your option:


You need to keep the oil in a cool, dark place, open or not. A great place for this is in your pantry along with your other cooking oils. Make sure it is in a cool place and away from heat sources.


Another great place to store peanut oil, especially once opened, is in the refrigerator. As mentioned, make sure the oil is sealed when you put it in there. By storing it in the refrigerator, you significantly extend the shelf life of peanut oil.


As mentioned earlier, you can also put peanut oil in the freezer. While it's the least recommended option of the three, it's still a viable alternative.

How to store used peanut oil

As we already said, you can reuse peanut oil many times. And proper storage is crucial. To learn how to store peanut oil after frying, follow these steps:

use a sieve

It's a good idea to remove the oil from the fryer if you plan on not using it for a while. When you take it out, pass the oil through a sieve to make sure there are no food residues in it.

Put it in a container

Then pour the sifted peanut oil into a freezer-safe glass or plastic container, not the one it originally came in, unless it's empty now. Make sure the container is clean before filling it with oil and that it is tightly closed.

save it

In the above section, we have listed three options that you can use to store your peanut oil: a pantry, a refrigerator, and a freezer. All of these options can be used to store used peanut oil.

How to freeze peanut oil

If you're freezing peanut oil, there are a few steps you'll need to take to make sure you're storing it correctly:

Close it in a container

If you bought peanut oil at the supermarket, it comes in a container, usually made of plastic or glass. Make sure the container is freezer safe.

And the same goes for storing used peanut oil in the freezer. Once it's in the container, make sure it's completely closed.

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place no freezer

Then place the container in the freezer so that it does not tip over and break, especially if it is made of glass.


You can also freeze peanut oil in ice cubes or other smaller containers. Once frozen, you can place the cubes in a freezer bag and seal it. This is a good way to go if you want access to small amounts of peanut oil at a time.

is similar tohow I freeze coconut milk in this article here.

How long does peanut oil last?

The shelf life of peanut oil greatly depends on whether it was opened or not, as well as how it was stored. If you buy a bottle, take it home, and store it in a cool, dark place, it will last one to two years, depending on the brand and type you buy.

If you open it, it halves its durability. It will be good for about six to twelve months. And remember that it will have an expiry date to serve as a rough guide to the expiry date.

When peanut oil is finally opened, it is very important to keep it sealed after use and store it in a pantry, fridge or freezer to maximize its shelf life. Do not leave peanut oil on the counter or near a heat source.


We hope that our peanut oil freezing and storage questions have been answered on our blog. Top recommendations are to keep peanut oil sealed when not being used for cooking and to store it in a cool, dark place.

Freezing is always an option, especially if you have a lot of peanut oil and want to extend its shelf life as long as possible. It's much easier to store in the fridge or pantry.

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