Florida Weather in July: What to Expect on Your Vacation - The Family Vacation Guide (2023)

Summer is a time of heat and sun. The weather can range from a hot day to bright lightning hitting the sidewalk.

Floridais no exception to this pattern, as summer is arguably the state's most generous time of year.

when you are visitingone of the all inclusive resorts in Floridaor go to one of the manyThemenparks, it is important to know the weather in Florida in July.


  • future temperature
  • cloudiness
  • precipitation
  • humidity in July
  • what to take
  • Activities suited to the Florida climate
  • Final Thoughts: Florida in July
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future temperature

People often associate Florida with warm weather all year round. While Florida is moretemperate climate, varies throughout the year.

The high temperatures mean some people need to be careful if they are not used to the heat. Florida weather in July forecasts an average high of 90 degrees Fahrenheit with an average low of 75 degrees earlier in the month.

In the second half of July, average temperatures rise to a high of 91 and a low of 76.predicted predictions, the temperature in July will be warm to hot. These temperatures can feel like a dream, but those who can't adapt to hot weather may need to prepare.

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Temperature is crucial when planning a vacation, but it's also important to pay attention to cloud cover. Many travelers overlook this aspect of summer planning, but clouds can make a world of difference.

A cloudy day not only increases the chance of precipitation, but also blocks direct sunlight. Travelers should take some time to ensure activities that revolve around clear weather are geared towards sunny days.

In July, Orlando and other locations in Florida should expect heavy cloud cover.

The weather in Florida in July features a nearly constant cloud cover, with average values ​​between 33 and 36%. This statistic means that on average 33-36% of the sky is covered by clouds creating a partly cloudy environment throughout the month.

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Along with expected cloudy weather in Florida, travelers can expect a good chance of rainy days during the July season. A rainy day is any day with at least 0.04 inches of liquid.


There is an average chance of rain at the beginning of the month and the chance of rain increases as the month progresses. A slightly higher probability of rain of 67% can be expected at the end of July.

The chance of rain in July steadily increases as the month progresses. In early July, the average rainfall is 5.9 inches while the month ends with an average rainfall of 5.5 inches.

Florida's moderate to heavy rainfall in July puts many travelers off, but it can be desirable in some ways. It may seem counterintuitive to plan a vacation during the rainy season. However, planning a vacation during the rainy season has several advantages, including lower prices for attractions and accommodation, and fewer crowds.

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humidity in July

The final aspect of the Florida weather forecast for July is humidity. No matter how desirable a temperature may seem, humidity can affect or spoil a tourist's experience. Even an ideal temperature is ruined by an influx of moisture or a dehydrated day.

Unlike temperature, humidity does not typically vary much over the course of a given day. While a hot day is often associated with a cooler night, a muggy day often stays muggy overnight.

Florida in July reflects this principle as humidity tends to remain muggy throughout the month. In early July there is a 99 percent chance of a muggy day. At the end of the month, the expected probability of a muggy day increases to 100%.

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A consistently muggy atmosphere in Florida means travelers should be prepared for moderate humidity. Anyone who is used to a damper climate will feel right at home. People from a drier part of the world should expect more humidity when traveling.

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what to take

Now that you know that Florida is supposed to be hot, muggy, and partly cloudy for this month, what do you need to prepare for? Hopefully, your newfound knowledge of the weather will be coupled with some tips on what to pack.

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Clothing comes first. As with any holiday destination, you must dress appropriately for the occasion.

Since Florida is hot, travelers should bring light, breathable clothing that will allow them to stay cool in the heat. Items like slim t-shirts, shorts, tops, and skirts are all good choices.

In July, many summer travelers visit the beach. Therefore, all Florida vacationers should bring their best bathing suit and a bottle of sunscreen.

Experts recommend using sunscreeneven if it's a cloudy day. If swimming is on your Florida bucket list, consider waterproof protection.

Now that the clothes are out of the way, it's important to prepare for the wet Florida weather. While there can be quite a bit of sunshine in July, there's a good chance it will rain at least once during your trip.

Packing waterproof items is a great idea to keep your valuables dry. Some additions to consider are:

  • A waterproof phone case
  • an underwater camera
  • a waterproof bag

A sturdy umbrella is a great addition as it will prevent other dry items from getting soaked in the rain.

Finally, be sure to bring a strong can of bug spray for those pesky mosquitoes. Florida has many swamps and therefore many different insects.

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Activities suited to the Florida climate

If Florida is famous for one thing, it's its stunning beaches. Florida is blessed with a beautiful natural landscape just waiting to be explored. A trip to the beach is a fantastic way to spend a sunny day on your vacation. The pleasant climate complements the summer atmosphere and offers a great opportunity to exercise or get a tan in the summer.

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In addition to the many beaches that thrive along the Florida coast, you might want to take a trip to one of Florida's many outdoor theme parks.Disney Worldlives up to its reputation as the most magical place on earth and is a must for anyone wanting to enjoy a warm day outdoors.

When most people think of a Florida vacation, the first thing that comes to mind is top attractions. During Disney World andUniversal Studiosare amazing places to visit, there are many other activities to consider. Florida has a lot to offer when it comes to indoor activities, and July's varied weather means it's good to have a plan when the weather isn't great.

Many Florida activities are fun for the whole family and even rival the best day at the beach. Some special places of interest are the following sights:

These exciting activities guarantee fun for the whole family, whatever the weather.

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Final Thoughts: Florida in July

Overall, Florida is a beautiful vacation spot. Florida weather in July is a great environment to spend time with family. There are many amazing sights and perfect amenities for tourists.

Everyone needs a vacation sometimes and July is a great month to take your vacation. So, grab your sunscreen and enjoy your travels!


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