Pros and cons of using Botox to treat TMJ disorders (2023)

Botox wasprovedbe an effective and long-lasting treatment forATM disorder.

It is no longer only intended as an answer to wrinkles and crow's feet.

Also known asbotulinum toxin type A, Botox is actually oneneurotoksinused to treat muscle spasms, stiffness, chronic migraines and headaches.

There are other brands that work in the same way as Botox, includingVisible,Sport,AzuleXeomin.

These brands can be less expensive than botox and can be just as effective.

Commillionsof people who get Botox for cosmetic reasons each year,botox was itpluralpopular cosmetic procedure in the United States.

It can be administered by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, nurses or even beauty spa technicians.

Many plastic surgeons and dermatologists limit their focus to the forehead,eyesand eyebrows. Although these areas are superlative places to treat chronic migrainesheadache,variousinjection sites should be treated for TMJ symptoms.

Botox must be injected at the injection site.masticatory musclesto be helpful.

Unfortunately, it is not a common request among botox seekers andmany doctors simplythey are notexperience in the treatment of TMJ-related disorders, which makes the search akin to looking for a botox needle in a haystack. There are professionals, and with careful research, you can find a qualified professional to meet your needs.TMJ symptoms.

Offices that provide botox for jaw reduction should be your first stop when looking for a qualified injector.

While individuals of all races can seek cosmetic treatment to treat male jawline enlargement, this trend is more common among the Asian ethnic group. When the jawline is prominent and out of proportion with the rest of the face, some patients want a way to achieve a slimmer face.

'Jaw reduction via botox injection'should be your top Google search to optimize your results.

Here are some skilled professionals we know who can help you on your journey:

  1. Dr. Lee performs Enhance Medical Center in Beverly Hills
  2. Boahene i Baltimore, Maryland
  3. Dr. Vartan Mardarossian i Jupiter, Florida

These doctors are good starting points.

You may need to travel to get the results you want, but making sure the procedure is done correctly should be your first priority.

Before seeking TMJ relief through botox or any of the other brands listed here, consider the following pros and cons.

TO UPDATE:For detailed information and practical steps to help you beat your TMJ disordernaturally, take a lookATM never again.

Benefits: How Botox Can Help Your ATM

Botox lets your muscles rest

Pros and cons of using Botox to treat TMJ disorders (1)

Botox still workscripplingthe overworked chewing muscles in the jaw.

When these muscles are unable to move, they cannot contract ornut. Like any other muscle in the body, they "bulge" after repeated use, becoming more pronounced and larger.

When injected with Botox, these muscles simply cannot exercise and finally begin to rest, giving them time to heal and repair.

In the resting phase,symptomsfrom the ATM has been replaced.

Unlike pain relievers, corticosteroid injections and other short-acting solutions,botox can last up to 5 months.

The more often a patient receives Botox treatment, the more effective it becomes.

The relief associated with Botox treatment can actually belasting.

Botox alleviates the chief complaintjawpain and further helps relieve secondary pain that can radiate from the jaw to the ears, through the shoulders and down the neck andto go back.

Many of those who suffer from TMJ are likely to have had headaches as a result.

Shrugging is just one example of a minor body part overcompensating to relieve tension in the jaw. Patients can expect their shoulders to drop and their posture to improve after treatment.

Improved facial symmetry

Take a moment and flex your chewing muscles in the mirror.

If you suffer from TMJ, you will notice that the prominent edge of the jaw becomes larger when you clench your teeth.

This painful bending is undesirable and is a major source of pain.

Over time, TMJ sufferers may notice that their face has become moreedgyand square.

Injecting botox into the unwanted muscles associated with TMJ causes the muscles to shrink over time.

Because of this, patients can expect an improvement in overall facial symmetry.

When Botox is injected correctly, aSofterface profile is obtained.

If one side of the face is larger due to reasons such as poor tooth alignment, a master jet can often add uniformity to the face.

A square jawline is widely considered amasculineresource.

Women suffering from TMJ may notice that their face has become sharper, more angular and slimmer; however, after a few months of the initial treatment, the bulky muscle mass disappears andinflammationto.

The result is a tighter, smoother, more feminine look.

The Disadvantages of Botox Masseter: How Botox for TMJ Can Be Harmful

Facial deformity and Botox migration problems

If the injection is misplaced, a temporary deformity of the face may occur.

You must follow all post-procedure instructions given by your doctor. Some doctors recommend that you sit down for 90 minutes after the treatment, as this is how long it takes for the medicine to settle into the muscle.

It is advisable that you resist the urgemassagethe injection site.

Also, most doctors generally advise against lying down for a minimum of four hours after the injection to prevent the drug from migrating to other areas. If the drug travels to unwanted areas, temporary paralysis of those unwanted locations can occur, resulting in deformity.

VariousJuvadermand its associated hyaluronic-based fillers that can be reversed with hyaluronidase injection, there is no known cure for adverse botox results.

It is therefore important to follow all guidelines for finishing.

If the medication has been misplaced or migrated, the toxin can spread and cause serious symptoms.

Double vision, muscle weakness, hoarse voice and difficulty speaking are side effects that may occur.

These side effects can persist anywhere in between3-4 months.

allergic reactions

Even those with sensitive skin can sufferallergic reactions.

It is recommended that tests are carried out before getting botox.

Difficulty swallowing, speaking orbreathing, skin irritation, rash and swelling are signs that an allergic reaction has occurred.

Botox can be expensive

Another known scam is that botox can becaro.

Demographics play an important role in the cost of the procedure; however, in general, the average price varies between350 USD - 500 USDper treated area. The cost also depends on the skill level of the practitioner and the amount of time they inject.

Botox must be maintained

The last disadvantage to consider is that the treatmenthe shallis held.

It costs several hundred dollars per visit and it is best to get injections before the muscles can move again.

This means that if the results last up to 5 months, you must return every four months for more treatments.

If you're looking for a safe and natural alternative before going down the botox route, you might as well considerTMJ acupuncture.

healing and recovery

Although the muscles are fully immobilized after 2 weeks, it can take up to 3 months for patients to experience complete relief of TMJ symptoms.

Exercise can help Botox to be metabolized faster in the body, according to some experts.

Healing begins during the initial phase of 2 weeks, but remember how long it took for the strong jaw muscles to develop.

It can take several months for the body to repair damage.

At that point, you should start to see the benefits of Botox for TMD.

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