Team Warren Greatrex horse-by-horse leaders for the 2019-20 season (2023)

Our columnist has a strong squad to go to war with this season, including La Bague Au Roi and Emitom. Check out your horse-by-horse guide.


I ran really well last year on heavy ground at Sandown and I think it left its mark. He only raced on two other occasions, he ran well at Chepstow but failed in his last race at Ascot. He's a tough chaser and he's going to do that this year. He is very well trained and three miles on soft ground over fences is exactly what he wants. He has a bright future.


He has done well on flat terrain this summer and is very consistent. He's on a little break right now. There's a chance to try him out on a novice hunt and I think he'll do well on the fences, but if not then we'll have the opportunity to run in any weather this winter as well.


Last season I drove in two bumpers and did really well. She was bought by Million In Mind over the summer and although she is not very tall, she is very sturdy and jumps well. She could reach a good level in the mare barrier class.

Bob Mahler

He did very well at the end of last year, winning at Newbury and Cheltenham. He has returned in very good form and has entries at Cheltenham and Wincanton this weekend. I hope he does well everywhere. If he does, he will earn a place in the Ladbrokes Trophy and could just be the ticket for the race, a season 2 chaser who is rapidly improving.

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Bob Mahler in the winning fight at Cheltenham


He is a good son of Falco and my first horse for Andrew Brooks. He could open at Ascot on November 2nd or Newbury on November 7th and he's a really nice guy. He's not really a push horse and he jumps really well. I would like to believe that he can overcome obstacles in this term.


This is a horse I've always liked. He has needed some time to mature and was racing very well at Taunton last year when he recently had a bad crash. He had the remainder of the season off after suffering a minor injury. He walks over fences and is Glen Forsa's half brother. He is a very good jumper and could do very well this year.


Only raced twice for me and developed very well on debut at Chepstow. I then took him to Doncaster where he came back a little shaken up and had the rest of the season off. He's back now and he looks much stronger. I liked what we saw last fall and I'm very confident he'll do well in the beginner hurdles.


I liked him last year and he ran a good bumper at Warwick. It didn't go as well as I had hoped, but it came back with a stress fracture and it's all healed now. He's done well over the summer and will hit a bumper before making his presence felt over obstacles.


It went very well and we were very happy with it, but unfortunately, as we know, it suffered a small setback. I hope he comes back in the second half of the season. He was a really good freshman last year, as good as you can get, and I think he could be a real Stayers' Hurdle contender. I hope his recovery continues and we'll see him at the end of January. He still had some big meetings ahead of him after that and he's young with a very bright future.

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Emitom - back in the new year


Gained a rookie bumper and two hurdles last season, but his last two races at Taunton and Sandown have probably underperformed a bit. However, he has been out for a long time and will hunt as a freshman this season. He is a very good jumper and a horse that can go over obstacles well. I'm really excited about it.


Half brother of two horses I trained. Penn Lane is no longer here but it was a 135 hurdle and Mulcahys Hill nearly won the Challow two years ago and is ranked in the 140s. This lad is from Yeats and needs to learn his trade but will be running a bumper in November and if he is anything like his brothers he will do very well.


He was once a highly praised horse in Ireland and we bought him at Doncaster last year. He hasn't raced for me yet because he was a bit under the weather and we gave him the season off. I think he could do well on handicap chases and then maybe switch to hunter chases and take on Paint The Clouds who were so good for the backyard in that area.


He nearly won a £100,000 pot at Ascot last year but unfortunately Nicky Henderson hit one he didn't know about and Valtor scored 33/1! He then struggled with his knees and underwent surgery in the summer. He's back and looking pretty good and probably won't race until the end of December. He's a horse I love and I'm sure there's a big pot in him.


Very well bred from a Paul Webber trained mare called One Gulp. She raced once at Cheltenham in April last year but she was very weak and has improved a lot over the summer and I like her a lot.

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Performed well initially on the fences before taking a few crashes at Musselburgh and Cheltenham and losing some confidence. Last season we went back to the hurdles and he won at Warwick in January and said goodbye to a third year on a valuable handicap at Aintree. He will walk fences again and has been holding his breath over the summer which will definitely help him. He's at Cheltenham on Saturday and I think he'll make a good run when he goes hunting again.


A horse that I really like. He finished second at Warwick last year with a good bumper and started at Southwell this week before the hurdle. He has a very bright future.


She almost always comes back and is doing great. She is still very much in love with the game. She will start in the bet365 Charlie Hall Chase at Wetherby in a few weeks time and if all goes well there she will head to Kempton to join Ladbrokes King George. We'll limit them to two runs before the new year and go from there. There's no saying she won't be even better than last season and she's very well coached. The mare's allowance will benefit her in elite racing.

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La Bague Au Roi in full flight in Leopardstown


She is Whisper's half-sister and is scheduled to race a mare's fender at Aintree on Sunday before heading to the hurdles. She is very kind and tough. I would be surprised if she doesn't do well and win races.


He didn't have a great season last season as the terrain was too fast for him. He wants that endlessly and when he gets it you'll see he does well in the long distance opportunities.


Just had a little hiccup, he cut a joint, so he won't be out for six weeks. He did very well last year and we bought him as top scorer. He's going to do really well in that area and it's another one I'm looking forward to.


It was a coaching error racing at Warwick last season - I probably should have let him race a few weeks earlier and he got a little weak on me. He has a bright future, and although he's not back yet, he's becoming a novice hurdler and jumping really well.


We just bought him from Johnny Portman and are just getting to know him. He was rated 82 in the house and represents an existing owner on the farm. He is four years old and becoming a novice with hurdles. He's already studied for Johnny and can do well.


She was very green in her first race at Sedgefield and won well the next time at Bangor. She becomes a novice runner and a well trained one.


She was in first class for the mare's shock horses last season and is half sister to Western Ryder. She was a little excited and cautiously jumped over two miles on her hurdles debut last Saturday at Ffos Las. She wants to go further and with her right hand, and although it's been a slightly disappointing start to the season, I'm sure she'll put that behind her.


He is back and starts to gallop. He swam every day and won't be racing until January, with the Randox Health Grand National his main goal. I couldn't be happier with him at the moment and everything seems to be going well.

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Lost approach wins Mall Dini on Kim Muir at Cheltenham


I think his good rookie hurdles campaign shaped him last season, but he came back with a different horse. He had some good runs over the fences last year, but I wouldn't be surprised if he leaves his form behind this time around. He is a freshman in his second season and could start at Cheltenham on Friday.


He is back and swimming everyday. He is second class winner at Aintree and won his first Novice Hurdle at Perth but injured his leg. He is in a tough spot as he has lost his rookie status and is probably not quite ready to compete in big races yet. Let's plot him accordingly, but he looks great.


She was a revelation last year, winning three times and could race at Cheltenham this weekend. She is at over two miles, five and three miles. She is very tough and persistent and her main targets will be listed and possibly even judged in races later in the season. It's not too big, but it's as difficult as possible.

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Printing Dollars Under Richard Johnson


A big raw horse last year, he learned his trade last season and I would expect him to be competitive in handicap hurdles, although over time he is a faithful chaser.


We are just getting to know her. She was very respected in France 18 months ago, where she beat some very good horses rated 150s. She will be hunting rookies and hopes to be able to follow in La Bague Au Roi's footsteps for this campaign. It took a while and we are getting to know her, but the form in France is very good.


We buy from Jamie Osborne. He was a very expensive one year old pup and has a grade of 72. We'll probably do the flat all weather route first but he jumps really well and I'm looking forward to him.


He didn't walk for me, having previously dated Harry Whittingham. His form suggests he doesn't want to put too much sun forward and he races at Southwell on Thursday. It will be interesting to see how it goes.


He did well last year with two wins and his fourth at Lanzarote. He let the wind blow over him over the summer and also improved physically. He can go up to three miles on some of the biggest handicap hurdles this semester.

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Warren Greatrex - strong team for the new season


I loved him last year and he was third in his only start in what has always been a good bumper at Ayr. He is really refreshed and could head to Carlisle for his hurdles debut on November 11th.

symphonic hall

He's shown me more at home than on the track so far, but his two bumpers were pretty green and I can see he's improved a lot this season. He will likely hit a bumper before obstacles and is a very good jumper.


He raced brilliantly to chase Getaway Trump in the Plumpton opener, but was unable to continue from there last season. He'll probably stick with barriers as a beginner for now, but the opportunity to go hunting is there. He has skills and is another one I like.


I trained him for Million In Mind last year and he was bought by Trevor Hemmings over the summer. He won two for us and is a total stayer who jumps really well and goes hunting.


He was quite fresh on his hunting debut at Sedgefield on Sunday. He jumped well at the start but made a bad mistake in the ditch and didn't run from there. He was mentored by Richard Johnson and will be riding again soon. When they learn new disciplines it might be, but he's another one that will push through the experience and he was a great hurdler who remains an exciting perspective on hurdles.

Team Warren Greatrex horse-by-horse leaders for the 2019-20 season (7)

Western Ryder (right) - newcomer to hunting


A horse I love. He raced twice last year and gained his second bumper at Exeter. He is very straight, a brilliant jumper, walks on all surfaces and I can imagine him at the top of the beginner hurdles this year.

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