The surprising new places where you can get fillers and botox (2023)

A dose of confidence can take many forms – a red lip, I'm talking about, or the good light on Zoom. But for injectable devotees, it usually comes in a syringe. It's true: Studies show that skin-soothing neurotoxins and plumping fillers can boost self-esteem.

But this is not its only selling point. Injectables have been reinvented: "It used to be about treating lines and wrinkles," saysSarmela Sunder, M.D., a facial plastic surgeon in California. "We now use Botox and fillers in a more artistic way to reshape the entire face." (Not to mention,it is also used for migraines.)

Whether relieving unhappy expressions or adjusting a profile, injectors prioritize facial harmony and personal identity for natural, personalized results. You certainly don't have to choose a needle or syringe to feel better - nor do you have to "fix" these so-called blemishes in the first place - but there are options.withyou want.

Following are the most common Botox fillers and injection sites to consider (including new options) and how they improve your appearance.

Common and newly available Botox injection sites

Botulinum toxins such as Botox Cosmetic and Xeomin temporarily dampen nerve signals to minimize muscle movement and its negative effects on the skin - mostly wrinkles, but also laxity, neck bands and more. While doctors have exploited the wrinkle-preventing abilities of botulinum toxins for decades, they recently discovered that they "can not only relax the muscles, but also reshape the entire face and restore more youthful contours," he says.Hema Sundaram, M.D., dermatologist in Maryland. (

A Complete Guide to Filler Injections)

This new perspective encourages users to venture beyond the boundaries of the upper face, where botulinum toxins traditionally shine. "Now we do full-face botox, which may sound crazy, but I've found it's the best way to make people look really beautiful and natural," she says.Papri Sarkar, M.D., a dermatologist in Boston. Moving south to Botox injection sites requires advanced skills and anatomical knowledge, she emphasizes, since "many muscles in the lower face overlap or are just a few millimeters apart."

A miscalculation in dosage or placement can leave a crooked smile for weeks. But if done right—ah, the rewards, especially around the mouth, where "muscles become hyperactive with age," says Dr. Sundaram, etching lipstick lines, pulling down the corners of the smile and etching the chin with a stone texture. By easing tension, a little botulinum toxin can smooth cobblestone skin, give the lips a cheerful effect and erase involuntary grimaces. (In some people, chin sweating can even change the contour of the lips to make them look fuller, says Dr. Sarkar.)

A series of bites along the underside of the jaws can provide a subtle lift, reducing the downward pull on the platysma muscle in the neck. A stronger dose on the masticatory muscle behind the ears can slim a square the same time as it relieves tightness and crunch. (Here, the botulinum toxin weakens the muscle to shrink it slightly.) Injection into the sticky neck bands "may allow the skin to sink more smoothly and look less wrinkled," he says.Annie Chiu, MD, a dermatologist in California.

Treating areas and working with Botox injection sites that were previously considered off-limits requires a special approach. New York dermatologistEllen Marmur, MD, aFormA member of the Brain Trust, he calls his technique "texture toxicity" and explains that "by injecting very superficially, you can really improve the texture of the skin and preserve its expression". These superficial injections target "the most actively moving part of the muscle without paralyzing the whole thing," says Dr. Sundaram - and they generally require less product, making these injections less expensive. This maneuver, she adds, "has the benefit of improving the quality of overlying skin, restoring radiance, making pores look less prominent, and improving rosacea."

With the imminent arrival of a new neurotoxin,DaxibotulinumtoxinaA de Revance, you will soon be able to enjoy these benefits longer; studies show effects lasting more than seven months.

Common injection sites for other fillers

Botox isn't the only injectable out there. With other fillers, it is common to see a dermis only have the cheeks filled in or smile lines filled in. These days, however, doctors are scrapping that plan, knowing that treating the features in isolation can give them a strange or unbalanced appearance over time. Injectors now prefer to see a 30,000-foot view of the face before injecting fillers into the entire body, starting with the frame — a strategy known as profile balancing. It's not as extreme or expensive as it sounds.

"Profile enhancement can be done with surprisingly small amounts of filler—even just a syringe or two—if dispensed in the right places," says Dr. These "power zones," as she calls them, are fairly universal and include the nose, chin, temples, and jaws. Lips and cheeks can be adjusted for harmony, but less is more as these areas can look exaggerated. (Need for needles? Try thesenon-invasive Botox alternatives.)

Chin and jaw

The chin and chin, on the other hand, tend to wear padding well. The gel enhances ill-defined contours - whether inherited or acquired with age - without making them cartoonish. For people who struggle with early jowls—the droop that inevitably follows bone loss in this area—jaw injections can be particularly transformative. "Many people who would have considered a facelift may be able to avoid it by filling out the chin line and camouflaging the double chin," says Dr. "It's very effective." (However, padding can't hide severe sagging.)

To create a sharper edge between the face and neck, says Dr. Chiu, "you have to rebuild the entire jawline—the chin, the notch in front of the jaws, the area behind it, and the angle of the jawline." Hard structural fillers have been made for the job – robust hyaluronic acid gels such asJuvéderm Volumeand the calcium hydroxylapatite fillerRadiesse. Hyaluronic acid offers the benefit of reversibility, melting away with a dose of enzyme if you're not happy with the results. (To hold,Can Jawzrsize give you a stronger, more toned chin?)

The temples

The temples are less noticeable than the chin line, but they exert an unexpected influence on the overall appearance, gradually fading to give the head a peanut-like silhouette. "A few years ago this was something I had to point out to patients, but now there is definitely more awareness of the peanut head phenomenon," says Dr. The change is most evident in women whose faces are traditionally "made of a confluence". of soft and round convexities”, saysChristian Subbio, M.D., a plastic surgeon in Philadelphia. "When you lose it at the temples, it can have a masculinizing effect." But by inflating the area again, "we restore youthful smoothness," he says. Hyaluronic acid fillers like the new RHA 4 can give your temples a little boost.Sculptra, a liquid made from poly-L-lactic acid, can restore fullness more gradually by stimulating collagen growth over time.

The nose

The filler's shape-shifting magic is perhaps most evident on the nose. By hiding a bump or lifting a tip, fillers can "help the nose blend in with the face," says Dr. Health and shifts focus to other functions. With the improved proportions, the nose can even appear smaller - but in reality, fillers can only make the nose bigger. "If someone's nose is too wide or projecting to begin with, they're not a good candidate for this," says Dr.

Liquid rhinoplasty can be a game changer for some, but the nose is a high-risk site for a filler (blockage of a vessel here can cause skin loss or blindness). Go to an experienced injector who only uses soluble hyaluronic acids such asRestylane Lyft, to shape your nose in a subtle and safe way.


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